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Onsite Catering Services - Corporate / Private - Cocktail

From HK$200/ pax. up
Minimum 50 persons


To enlighten your honorable guest, please advise :

Chinese Guest:
Foreigner Guest:

No of people


Wine Glass $10@each

Disposable cup $3@each

Spoon $10@each

Knife $10@each

Fork $10@each

Chinaware $10@each

Plate $10@each

Coffee/Tee cup & Sauceer with spoon $15@each set

Banquet Table (3 x 6 ft.) $0Pls ask for quote

Large Round Table w/table cloth (6 ft diameter) $0Pls ask for quote

Chairs $0Pls ask for quote

Folding Banquet Table (2.5 x 5 ft)/ (2.5 x 6 ft) $200@each

Small Round Table (3 ft or 4 ft dimeter) $200@each

Cocktail Table with stretch cloth (2 ft diameter x 3.6 ft tall) $380@each

Stretch Table Cloth (L-120 x 82 ft)/ (M-106 x 60 ft) $100@each

Damask Table Cloth : Large - 120 x 82 ft $160@each

Damask Table Cloth : Medium - 106 x 60 ft $140@each

Damask Table Cloth : Small - 60 x 60 ft $180@each

Round Table Cloth $240@each

Linen Napkin $20@each

Kitchen Table Cloth $0@each

Food Serving Platters (with a Tapas G. waiter present) $0@each

Food Serving Platters (without waiter present) $200@each

Ice Container w/ ice (23 lbs.) $175@each

Oven $200@each

Microwave $100@each

Punch Bowl: (Silver of Perspex) $175@each

Silver Drink ServingTray $50@each

Black Drink Serving Tray $0@each

Service Hours
**Minimum 4 hours, partial hour will be charged as a full hour

Waiter $520/4hrs, $130/hr afterwards

Chef $800/4hrs, $200/hr afterwards

Senior Chef $1200/4hrs, $300/hr afterwards